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KMY products and solutions are popular both in the domestic and global markets in over 130 countries,
mainly in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and have gained a strong reputation in this industry.

ComponentsModelDetail DescriptionComputer PartIndustrial HostIndustrial motherboard:CPU: intel i5;Memory: DDR3 4GB;SSD: 500GB;4 RS-232 Ports,8 USB Ports,1 LTP,1 VGA,1LVDS,1 DVI, 1 10/100M, Net Port. Net Card, Sound Card, Integrated Graphics cardTouch Monitor17'' LED

Professional customization

Can quickly carry out scheme design and product customization according to customer requirements




Detail  Description

Computer Part

Industrial Host

Industrial motherboard:

CPU: intel i5;

Memory: DDR3 4GB;

SSD: 500GB;

4 RS-232 Ports,8 USB Ports,1 LTP,1 VGA,1LVDS,1 DVI, 1 10/100M, Net   Port. Net Card, Sound Card, Integrated    Graphics card

Touch Monitor

17'' LED industrial Monitor with   Multi Touch PCAP touch

Brightness:250 nits; angle:horizontal 100°above, Vertical   80°above

Contrast: 450:1; Backlight tube life:more than 40,000hours

Operating temperature:-20-50ºC

Response Time:16ms;Dot pitch: 0.297;Max. resolution: 1280×1024

Barcode scanner


Dimensions: (L×W×H): 74mm × 50mm ×26mm

Scan Pattern: area image (844 × 640 pixel array)

Scan Angle: Horizontal 42.4°, Vertical: 33°

Card payment terminal

Supplied by Customer, for card payment

Receipt Thermal printer


80mm paper width; Resolution ration:8dots/mm; Feed speed:70mm/sec;

Interface:Serial(RS-232C , TTL) interface & parallel interface;

Life of printing head:15,000,000 character lines / 100km stamping   length

Power Supply

HF150W-17 ;  110-240VAC ;   Output 24V5A 12V3A


KMY8200 series(Customized design)

In door Kiosk desgin; Durable steel frame, powder coated; Easy to   install and operate; Moistureproof、Antirust、Anti-acid、Anti-dust、Static free; Water- Proof; 4 Fans   for aeration and down temperature; Power supply insideStrong desgin and high   security with multi-point-claws lock on lateral side. The lock uses tubular   keys of high quality. Door has no component fixed on it. Min.3 reinforced   hinges

OS Software

Microsoft Windows10 pro(The price of license is not included in the   quotation.) All hardware driver available.


Bubble Foam, Carton, Wooden Case

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