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KMY products and solutions are popular both in the domestic and global markets in over 130 countries,
mainly in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and have gained a strong reputation in this industry.

Main FeaturesWeight, height and body mass indexBlood oxygen detectoBlood glucose detectorBlood pressure and heart rate testBody temperature detectorDigital signage opportunities for retailers and advertisersA pivoting seat to be ADA compliant t

Professional customization

Can quickly carry out scheme design and product customization according to customer requirements


Main   Features

Weight,   height and body mass index

Blood   oxygen detecto

Blood   glucose detector

Blood   pressure and heart rate test

Body   temperature detector

Digital   signage opportunities for retailers and advertisers

A   pivoting seat to be ADA compliant to allow

wheelchair   accessibility

Vision   screening

Health   risk assessment

Other   Options

Cash   in/Coin   in

Barcode   reader

REID   card reader

Phone  & Video Camera

Some   other datector modules are for the management of asthma and COPD

Peripheral   Input Ports:Infrared   and USB(standard & mini)for   interfacing with personal health devices

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