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Self-service terminal all-in-one, in short, is a self-service practical terminal machine, so that some simple business, without manual processing, is first completed through the system, which can improve service efficiency.

And self-service terminal all-in-one machine is the trend of urban development; Chinese cities are densely populated and higher than foreign cities, and some financial payment behaviors necessary for life - such as water bills, electricity bills, gas bills, mobile phone bills, transportation, transportation card recharge, transfer payment, etc., need to go to various units to pay, and some use banks and postal banks as payment windows. However, many problems such as limited working hours of banks, large workload, cumbersome authorization process, and large number of payers have made it difficult for citizens to pay, and the emergence of self-service terminal all-in-one machines has solved the problem of public payment.

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Self-service terminal all-in-one

The machines that can usually achieve these functions include new domain innovation queuing self-service terminals, tax self-service terminals, medical self-service terminals, multi-function service all-in-one self-service terminals, and so on.

Application venues are generally tax halls, banks, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, hospitals and other public service venues are more versatile. And it also greatly reduces the time for ordinary people to handle business.

Like we usually come into contact with self-service terminals, each industry is different, such as government self-service machines, self-service certificate application halls, tax departments, bank self-service card all-in-one machines, hospital registration machines, subway ticket vending machines, supermarket self-service machines, etc. According to the use place and demand of different industries, the functions realized are different.

Increase efficiency

With a self-service terminal, you can reduce labor costs and relieve the pressure of manual service, and you only need to solve it yourself on the terminal. Only one employee needs to be staffed to guide on the side, which greatly reduces staffing and labor costs.

Save waiting time

Whether it is to buy goods in the supermarket, or to the government affairs hall to do errands, hospital treatment, has always been a lot of people need to queue and wait, for everyone, it is a waste of time, it only takes a few minutes to get things done, often queuing for half an hour or more, causing impatience and dissatisfaction among the masses, through the self-service all-in-one machine, not only reduce the waiting time in line, but also improve the experience effect.

More flexible timing

Many public institutions and government units provide services only on weekdays, which is very inconvenient for many office workers, and every time they need to handle affairs, they can only take leave on weekdays, which is very inconvenient. Now there are many 24-hour self-service points, which can be used during off-hours and weekends, so there is plenty of time and free arrangement.



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