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The self-service terminal all-in-one machine leads the smart life

author:凯明杨visits:338 :date:2024-02-22

In recent years, the innovation of science and technology, the emergence of intelligent life, more and more intelligent self-service equipment appeared around us, many public places have installed self-service terminal all-in-one machine, to achieve human-computer interaction, we can touch the screen with our fingers according to the screen instructions of the equipment, you can complete the desired operation.

As usual, we come into contact with self-service terminals, which are different in each industry, such as government self-service machines, self-service card processing in the certificate hall, tax halls, bank self-service card all-in-one machines, hospital registration machines, subway ticket machines, supermarket self-service machines, etc. According to the use place and needs of different industries, the functions realized are also different.

Increase efficiency

With the self-service terminal, the labor cost can be reduced, the pressure of manual service can be relieved, and it can be solved by itself only on the terminal. Only one employee is required to guide on the side, which greatly reduces staffing and labor costs.

Save time waiting

Whether it is to go to the supermarket to buy goods, or to go to the government affairs hall to do things, the hospital to see a doctor, has always been a lot of people need to wait in line, for everyone, it is a waste of time, it only takes a few minutes to get things done, often queue up for half an hour or even longer, resulting in the impatience and dissatisfaction of the masses, through the self-service all-in-one machine, not only reduce the waiting time in line, but also improve the experience effect.

The time is more flexible

Many public institutions and government units only provide services on working days, which is very inconvenient for many office workers, and every time they need to handle affairs, they can only ask for leave on weekdays to handle it, which is very inconvenient. Now there are many 24-hour self-service points, which can be used during off-duty hours and weekends, and there is plenty of time and free arrangement.



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