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Lottery self-service terminals

author:凯明杨visits:422 :date:2023-11-30

China's lottery in 2016 the overall market sales revenue of about 400 billion yuan, of which offline instant lottery (fucai scratch + sports lottery top scratch) accounted for 7%, while the proportion of other developed countries instant lottery is about 45%.

With the development of domestic touch technology in recent years,Lottery self-service terminals are on the rise,Not only to bring people a new fun to buy color,It has also laid the cornerstone for the development of the lottery industry,It is expected that the domestic self-service color market will reach more than 300 billion yuan.

In 2018, the Provincial Welfare Lottery Distribution Center cooperated with Senke Touch for the first time, piloting the operation of lottery self-service terminals in 20 different large shopping malls in the province, which attracted the attention of the general public.

"The first time I experienced the machine, it was very convenient, it had four scratch cards on it, and I bought it and the tickets were issued quickly. I just won a 30 yuan, and I was lucky today. Mr. Chen, a citizen, said, "It's very convenient to buy on this machine, and you don't need cash, just WeChat and Alipay." ”

The operation of the lottery self-service terminal is very simple,First click on "Buy Lottery Ticket",After entering the page, there will be four different forms of scratch cards,Citizens can choose scratch cards according to their preferences,After selection, you will enter the payment page,There are Alipay、WeChat、Cash three payment methods。

Lottery independent terminal will buy color and prize integration together, so that the public can experience the purchase of color, prize one-step purchase experience.

Click on the lottery to redeem the prize, insert the scratched card redemption code into the machine on the prize redemption mouth, if you win, the page will appear winning information, scan the QR code on the machine, you can redeem the prize, directly to WeChat, very convenient.

This instant self-service lottery terminal breaks the traditional lottery lottery model,The use of advanced network technology and computer intelligence technology,24 hours without interruption service,More fast and safe.

At least 18 million vending machines are currently in operation worldwide, and the entire industry, including the manufacture and operation of vending machines, has sales of more than $250 billion.

By 2020, the total number of vending machines in China will be close to 1.38 million, an increase of more than 8 times over 2015. According to this data, it is estimated that the lottery self-service terminal will become the next gold mine of China's lottery industry.



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