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Artificial intelligence terminal equipment

author:凯明杨visits:756 :date:2023-11-27

Self-service terminals belong to a kind of intelligent products, no matter where you are, you can find all kinds of intelligent services through self-service terminals! Whether it is daily shopping, payment and registration, ticket purchase and ticket collection or hotel check-in, self-service terminals are inseparable from our lives, so there are more industries involved.

1. Time is capital, self-service terminal 24-hour self-service, no need to be on duty, all-weather self-service, when others get off work, it can still provide services to customers;

2. Manual handling requires a break and needs to be handled within a limited time. But the machine will not, the self-service terminal will be efficient for you 24 hours a day, reduce the waiting time of customers in line, and improve the user experience;

3. No matter what industry, service attitude is very important. Service is directly proportional to product quality, who doesn't have a temper? If the machine doesn't, who doesn't have a professional mood? The machine doesn't. This is also a particularly important point for machines to replace human labor.

4. The self-service terminal adopts advanced touch screen technology, in order to facilitate you to access online banking and handle online banking business, the self-service terminal can also set up a numeric keypad function, support the input of numbers, letters and Chinese characters, and provide pinyin and Wubi input method of Chinese characters, etc., to take care of each type of customer for you.

5. Replacing manual operation is to save costs and save expenses, a machine can win several employees, and the machine can also work 24 hours a day, so that customers can handle business without time restrictions, and customers can also selectively query relevant information on the machine, so they can better increase the interaction experience with the machine.

6. Reduce customer queuing: customers do not need to wait at the counter, and self-service operation can complete the business. Use it anytime, worry-free.



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