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What is a self-service terminal?

author:凯明杨visits:189 :date:2023-11-17

To put it simply, it is a self-service equipment provided to customers or passengers in hotels, scenic spots, cinemas, banks, stations, airports, business halls and other places, allowing customers or passengers to operate by themselves, and can complete procedures such as ticket purchase and card collection without the assistance of salesmen or waiters.

The self-service terminal is based on the system design concept of "24-hour self-service", which can alleviate the problem of excessive traffic in the traditional business hall, make up for the lack of original business hours, avoid the troubles of customers handling business in the business hall, and make customers feel relaxed, convenient and considerate service. The self-service terminal of the business hall is an extension and supplement of the service of the business hall;

In the financial industry, users can conduct account inquiry, self-service transfer, statement printing, supplementary registration, and self-service loss reporting.

In the communication industry, users can enter the phone number through the terminal to self-service mobile phone stop (resume), phone bill inquiry and printing, payment, invoice printing, caller ID, GPRS and other basic services.

You can also buy mobile phone cards and password recharge slips. Through value-added development, other value-added services such as commodity purchase can also be realized through supporting equipment; In the hotel industry, customers can book rooms online and then select rooms on the self-service opening terminals, and only need to identify their ID cards, select and book rooms, and then get the room card. The process is faster and more intimate. Avoid unnecessary embarrassment, while also increasing occupancy and saving costs for the hotel. In the tourist attraction industry, tourists can buy tickets by themselves, bid farewell to the crowded scenic spots, and say goodbye to waiting in line.

The equipment has the advantages of saving personnel expenses, reducing operating costs, 24-hour continuous work, error-free operation, etc., and can be placed in hotels, scenic spots, cinemas, subways, business halls and other public places.



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